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In 2030, an estimated 5 billion people will be living in cities. The enormous increase in the urban population raises an important question: how to provide 5 billion people with fresh and healthy food while simultaneously contributing to a better and more sustainable world?
With GrwNxt our goal is to create a fresh food infrastructure in megacities, promising both food safety and security in a sustainable way. Fresh food production in cities, tailored to local preferences, 365 days a year.
GrwNxt is a Deep Learning Food Tech start-up based in Amsterdam consisting of a small team of experienced data scientists, plant physiologists and business developers. GrwNxt is the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the newest concept within Indoor Growing and to apply your knowledge to play your part in facing these global challenges.
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We are looking for an energetic young professional interested in working in an interdisciplinary team whose goal is optimising plant growth for a future with better nutrition and sustainability. We are looking for an additional member of our Data Science Team with experience with programming, who communicates (Dutch/English) and adapts well in an intimate environment. Previous work experience (not necessarily as a programmer) is of considerable importance.
Our Data Science Team mostly works with various Machine Learning techniques in Python as well as cloud computing using SQL and C++ in Microsoft Azure to aid GrwNxt in revolutionising the food system.
This part-time position welcomes students who will be supported in balancing work and study commitments. If you are interested in joining the team send your CV and motivation letter to

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